Message from founder

Amnard Tungkanawanich founder

Amnard Tungkanawanich
CEO & Founder

"Do the right thing for the client"

After more than 10 years of experience of advising on the wealth plans of clients, I have discovered that most Thais find it difficult or are reluctant to discuss their financial circumstances; they lack the necessary knowledge and understanding to manage their finances. As a result, they are forced into individual debt, and this is illustrated by the continuing increase of household debt in Thailand. 

It would be great if there was an organization, a group of professionals, who could help communicate to people an easy way for them to realize the benefits of wealth planning (Finance, Wellness, Mind&Soul) under the concept of doing the right things for clients.

With consideration of their circumstances, their needs, concerns, limitations, and last but not least, their financial liabilities, the detailed interview process of our wealth planners allows us to determine and design a program that is exactly right for them. Moreover, our planners will discuss with clients all possible solutions and their consequences, if they choose to apply them. We encourage them to do the right thing by themselves with our full support. This is called the counselling process. We believe that this approach will give them confidence and the opportunity to be proud of whatever they achieve in the future

In addition, we believe that our company is the first company in Thailand to offer the services of Finance, Wellness, and Mind & Soul concurrently, having realized that these three elements are vital for the individual and can lead us to a state of “Ultimate Happiness” or “Peace of Mind”